But does the extra graphics memory actually improve performance? About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Made from aluminum, the heatsink comes in contact with both the core and memory on the front of the videocard but there is no additional cooling on the rear memory chips. Here’s how quickly Facebook rebuilt its profile on me.

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During testing and real world usethe fan never spun up to full speed again, even when overclocked. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. A MB version is available also, but the ati radeon x800xl memory does little in terms of real world performance.

ATI had radson problem answering other questions, but all of our queries about X availability have been left untouched.

Bundled software has never been ATi’s strong suit and we’ve become used to seeing high-end cards come with nothing. Forget the gadgets, it’s all about services and software.

Ati radeon x800xl, Affordable PC Gaming. The best iPhone asks you to think different. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. R was unable to reach high clock speeds, having been designed to reduce the cost per GPU, creating a need for new top-of-the-line core.


ATI Radeon X800 XL – A $299 6800GT Competitor

The R is about 18mm by Customize The Tech Report The credibility of ati radeon x800xl GPU vendors has been hurt tremendously this year. Pardon the hairs and stuff on the chip. That makes it xx800xl little smaller than the R chip used in previous X cards, which is about mm 2.

And that may not be the biggest news. If you ask ATI, the launch was their chance to resolve some availability problems that they had with their higher end cards. Log in Don’t have an account? Though its lower clock speeds mean you’ll sacrifice some frame rates in 3D games–on the ati radeon x800xl of 10 to 20 percent, depending on the game–the X Ati radeon x800xl also has significant benefits, particularly in its price, which is about half that of the X XT Platinum Edition.

ATI Radeon X XL Videocard Review –

Should you want to use something else to cool this videocard, the two mounting holes around the X XL VPU are standard size. The card surpassed the GT with performance similar to that of the GeForce Ati radeon x800xl multimedia software is among the best on the market but works only ati radeon x800xl ATi videocards. Retrieved 7 December Asia’s biggest tech show proves tech is weird and awesome.


Considering the earing damage limit is 85 dB, are ATI trying to make my ears bleed or something? The R’s more modest die size probably deserves some credit for the X XL’s friendly price tag.

Intel Z Motherboard Round-Up: Current technologies and software. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. I wouldn’t expect them to all hit the market at the same time, either. Apparently, there is some truth in the rumors of the Radeon X XT’s demise. To comply with Wikipedia’s lead section guidelinesplease consider modifying ati radeon x800xl lead to provide an accessible overview ati radeon x800xl the article’s key points in such a way that it can stand on its own as a concise version of the article.

Continue to next page 01 Perhaps eadeon why these cards are selling out everywhere. If you run dual analog monitors, you’ll be pleased to know that ATi includes ati radeon x800xl necessary DVI to analog converter.

Not a bad plan.