The temperature difference between the left hand side and right hand side grew larger, but the center spots in particular were the hottest areas. In an uncommon design choice, the 14r has its entire display portion shifted towards the front of the base unit, which leaves a slight protrusion on the rear of about half an inch 1. BK Precision A 15 cm distance. Disk data transfer rate. Still, the notebook never became uncomfortably warm even on the lap as the CPU itself hovers at only 80 degrees C maximum.

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In our review of the 15r, we pointed out the good design, pronounced and rounded edges and a relatively stable inspiroon with rigid hinges despite the plastic makeup.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. In general, non-gamers who mainly use computers to surf the net, check email, watch the occasional movies and play Flash games should find the integrated Intel graphics perfectly fine inpsiron their needs. The three backlit supplementary keys may or may not be all that useful to the user.

Dell Inspiron 14R (N) Laptop Replacement Parts |

Judging from its appearance and surrounding area, we believe that the touchpad could have been larger by making use of the free space both below the keyboard and near the front edge. When I’m not managing day-to-day activities and US review articles on Notebookcheck, you can catch me following the eSports inspirn and the latest gaming news.

Ultra-shiny and glossy will come at the price of easy fingerprints. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Similarly, the card reader and optical drive both lie closer to the front edge to satisfy both left- and right-handed users since these two slots have no vexing cables extending outwards.


Communication For wireless connectivity, our review unit comes equipped with Bluetooth 3.

This innate limitation of TN displays can potentially make it difficult to share the screen with several others at a time, such as for movies or pictures. Dell’s affordable Inspiron family has always been popular with everyday users, but does this inch Inspiron have the bang for the buck needed to continue the lineup’s appeal? With the XRite i1we were able to pit the reproducible color space of the 14r against the sRGB standard and other notebooks of its size class.

Still, we would have liked to see dedicated volume buttons n1410 above the keyboard for one-touch operation. For the typical consumer on a budget, the Inspiron 14r appeals on many levels from its price to configurability. Here, users can find a release switch for the outer lid.

In other words, simple note-taking will leave the 14r very quiet, but fan speeds can quickly and periodically pick up when web surfing or watching movies.

Still, the notebook never became uncomfortably warm even on the lap as the CPU itself hovers at only 80 degrees C maximum. While our review unit came in brushed black, the lid can be freely and easily swapped with other compatible lids of different designs and colors n110 added personalization, called Switch Lids.

Although not a big issue, it is indeed a bit odd to see such a common feature omitted on a notebook. In this review, we take a close look at the Inspiron 14r — the little brother to the Inspiron 15r and, iinspiron, the less expensive counterpart to the Inspiron 14z.


Fortunately, these programs can be easily removed with Windows Uninstaller if desired. Maximum volume is quite loud, but deep pitches and bass will become increasingly drowned out and unacceptable.

Dell Inspiron 14R (N4110) Parts

On the left hand side, both the palm rest and underside are noticeably warmer than the right hand side, but having this sort of temperature gradient is a common occurrence in notebooks.

Bottomside has a more rough and matte texture. The screen should still be satisfactory for its target audience as only professional n110 artists and users who are accustomed to high quality IPS displays would find the screen performance subpar for their needs. The Inspiron 14r is an all-around good performer, but nothing about the notebook is particularly worthy of a home run.

Dell Inspiron 14R-N4110 Laptop Review

Regardless of the drawbacks, the solid weight 4. The back button allows users to easily swap out plastic lid covers. Please share our article, every link counts! Chiclet-style keyboard performs well, if not a bit on the soft side.

There is no integrated GPS, but such features are usually reserved for certain business-class lineups. System Noise When idle, the 14r stays nearly silent. Accessories As with practically all Dell notebooks, the manufacturer directly offers a plethora of first-party n41110 third-party accessories to go along with a purchase.

Both video-out ports separated by the system vent.