Click Create Virtual Disk. Capturing Error Trend DataTo capture error trend data for one or more drives: This is accomplished through softwareresident in the RAID controller. Configuring Your System for the First Time. The copy operation starts. To view miscellaneous configuration settings: Correct the problem as soon as possible.

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HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

Similarly, Event Categories settings have higher precedence for enablingevents than individual event selection. Page 98 To display the global host list: Type a name for the virtual scai.

Additional Status InformationThe following additional status information will help you monitor the system: Youcan add volumes to a virtual disk until you use all of the free space. Viewing Disk Drive Types and Firmware VersionsTo deviice the firmware version revision and type of each disk drive in eachenclosure connected to the system, do either of the following: If host port interconnects are disabled, you can change the topology setting for eachhost port individually.

Add Mbyte of enclosurw space for internal use. Page FC Direct Attach ConfigurationWhen a data host is directly connected to controller host ports, loop topology mustbe used.

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msai MPIO issues – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

The following information is displayed about spares and unused space. Of the snapshotsthat will be mounted as read-write and actually written to, factor in theaverage amount of data that will be modified.

Click Add Vdisk Spares.

The first drive in the enclosure is selected by default. The system can also communicate informationto eclosure EC about RAID activities such as disk drive rebuilds and failed disk drives. Page If a controller fails, the hosts maintain access to all eenclosure the volumes through the hostports on the surviving controller, as shown below.

Creating a Virtual Disk ManuallyTo create a virtual disk manually: Some guidelines to keep in mind when performing a volume copy include: To stop illuminating an enclosure LED: The Rear Panel Chassis View shows the back of the controller enclosure and thecurrent status of power-and-cooling modules and controller modules. Only one rollback is allowed on the same master volume at one time.

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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. FieldVolume SpaceSpace for user data storage. To delete wnclosure user: Master — A standard volume that is enabled forsnapshots and is associated with a snap pool.

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If you are not using CAPI-based applications, youcan disable in-band management.

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If there is more than one enclosure, select the enclosure to locate. The upper LED on the selected drive illuminates solid blue.

Page To reset statistics: If you log into SMU using multiple browser instances on the same management host, SMUconsiders all instances as a single user.

But a different virtual disk can be managed sczi the second controller.

The following table describes the events that can occur during operation. Page 85 You can give each volume a name. To select event categories for notification: Perform a system-level shutdownand restart. Creating a ScheduleTo schedule a mxa2012i