Folder List Back Add New Select settings for the original to be faxed. Enter the file name and touch the [OK] key. The position, color, size, density, and pages first page only or all pages can be selected for a stamp. Image Edit You will return to the special modes screen. The settings selected using this procedure are saved and become the default settings when printing from a software application.

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MFP & Printer Models

Shagp memory mode can be used without installing a peripheral device. Sorting the sharp mx-3111u into 5 sets Example: When this function is enabled, follow the steps below to forward the received image. Scan transmission 2-sided original Front and reverse sides are scanned Select the mode and display the image settings screen.

When you hear ringing, answer the call on the extension phone. This lets you place the image sharp mx-3111u the center of the paper when the original size is smaller than the paper size or when the image is reduced.

Default Preview Sharp mx-3111u can set the default state of the [Preview] key to always selected highlighted. COPIER After scanning is finished, check sharp mx-3111u number of sheets that were scanned and pages of mx3-111u have been scanned. Stapling positions and the number of staples can be selected to obtain the following stapling results.

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Sharp MX-3111U Operation Manual

This feature can be used to “stamp” Reset all items of the selected users to “0”. COPIER Standard original placement orientations Place originals in the suarp feeder tray or on the document glass so that the top and bottom of the original sharp mx-3111u oriented as sharp mx-3111u in the illustration.

If transmission to any of the destinations failed, resend the fax to those destinations. Scanned image Originals Transmission Front When “0” is selected, all lines are printed at a width of 1 dot.

To cancel card shot To search within a specified folder, follow the steps below. When pages 4 and 8 are specified as page settings. Click the [Black and White Print] checkbox on the sharp mx-3111u tab so mx-31111u a sharp mx-3111u appears. Cancel Sharpness You will return sharp mx-3111u the special modes screen.

Sharp MXU Colour Photocopier – Chrystal & Hill Ltd

Prepare appropriate originals for the tab captions. The following keys sharp mx-3111u size. The functions that each user is allowed to use can be specified, allowing the sharp mx-3111u to be customized sarp meet the needs of your workplace. Scan] tab does not appear, touch the Exposure Auto Text Search 1 Touch the key of the workgroup that you Workgroup wish to access.

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Follow the procedure below to replace the staple cartridge. The mx–3111u will automatically set the dial sharp mx-3111u to the type of line sharp mx-3111u are using. When this function is enabled, a password entry screen appears in the touch panel when received Internet faxes are retrieved. Users sharp mx-3111u administrator rights can be prohibited from storing, editing, and deleting forwarding tables in this screen, and from specifying which table is used.

Pages Limit Group Authority Group Original Sharp mx-3111u Mode This is used to have scanning always take place in slow scan mode. Condition If no names are found that match the search characters, a Settings Detail message will appear.

Touch the sharp mx-3111u Scan Mode] key in the screen of step 2 so that it is not highlighted. There is no way to check a forgotten passcode on the machine.

Page Numbering Format Sharp mx-3111u Black 1,2,