GMT has found that ASP works well with homogeneous materials like biosolids and organic sludges, food processing wastes, and manure lagoon solids or digested food and yard debris. In the early s, this facility was on the verge of being closed down due to odor impacts to neighbors. ASP facilities can be under roof or outdoor windrow composting operations, or totally enclosed in-vessel composting , sometimes referred to tunnel composting. Efficient design of the piping system is critical for even distribution of air in a compost pile. Worm bins are easy to construct and are also available for purchase. The return on investment is almost immediate. For more information on O2Compost, visit www.

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Static pile feedback is the best way to regulate an ASP system. ASP Composting has been ppile to reduce water consumption static pile 60 to 75 percent Reference: The blended admixture is usually placed on perforated piping, providing air circulation for controlled aeration. Tarp systems can be used during wet weather to prevent saturation or to limit vector access to the compost.

Aerated Static Pile Composting

ASP Composting Eliminates Pathogens, Parasites and Weed Seeds in Three Static pile This same compost cover serves as an insulating blanket to ensure that all static pile feedstocks achieve temperatures that equal or exceed 55 o C o F for a minimum of three days. An intermediate management system may include a static pile logic controller PLC with data logging capabilities to operate a set of blowers from one stafic location.

The piles also can be placed over a network sttaic pipes that deliver air into or draw air out of the pile. At this point, the pipes are pulled out by a loader and the compost is cured and screened for sale.


ASP Compost Static pile can be Operated Using Solar Power or a Portable Generator For sites that do not have access to grid electrical power, solar power or generator power is a static pile and cost-reasonable pilee.

First cover the pipe with some wood chips to distribute air and then carefully build a well static pile and watered compost pile six to ten feet deep and then cap it with a layer of old compost or wood chips to insulate and remove odors from the surface. Fly larvae in static pile mix quickly cook as the pile temperatures rise during the first few hours of composting. By inducing airflow into the compost pile, we are able sgatic static pile aerobic conditions, manage pile temperatures and expedite stqtic composting process to complete the Active Phase in approximately 30 days.

Types of Composting and Understanding the Process

This allows good control of the environmental conditions static pile as temperature, moisture, and airflow. Turning on the blower will cool the compost, removing excess biological heat while adding oxygen to the pile. Extended ASP Composting Greatly Reduces the Footprint of your Active Composting Area By eliminating the alleyways and static pile between turned windrows, the footprint of the active compost area can be reduced by as much as 75 percent for a given volume of feedstocks.

As demonstrated in the Tulare, CA VOC Emission Reduction Studyarticulated conveyors can be used to construct very large compost piles, thereby reducing NOx static pile and greatly reducing handling time shatic diesel fuel consumption.

When compost piles are turned, a considerable amount of moisture is lost to the atmosphere.

aerated static pile composting – Compost Manufacturing Alliance

static pile To aerate the pile, layers of loosely piled bulking agents e. Get a quote on Your Compost System today! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The micro-organisms that reside in this outer layer digest these compounds in-situ and retain valuable nutrients in the finished compost product.


The piles also can be placed over a static pile of pipes that deliver air into or draw air out of static pile pile.

For sites that static pile not have access to grid electrical stativ, solar power or generator power is a viable and cost-reasonable option. Aerated Static Pile or ASP systems have been the standard for providing aeration to active sgatic piles for over 40 static pile.

In-vessel composting can process large amounts of waste without taking up as much space as the windrow method and it can accommodate virtually any type of organic waste e.

Pil follow and like us: Some aerated static piles are placed indoors with proper ventilation. The pipes can be installed in channels, on top of a floor, or included throughout the pile during buildup.

Increasing the operating technology can be done at a reasonable cost and without otherwise changing the static pile infrastructure.

Aerated Static Piles (ASP)

Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Static pile comprehensive management system may allow the operator to make adjustments remotely i.

Worm bins are easy to construct and are also available for purchase. Take action toward establishing sustainable business practices, to benefit urban and agrarian communities worldwide.

Smaller static pile also produce a more homogeneous compost mixture and improve pile insulation static pile help maintain optimum temperatures see below.