I’m happy with the club for now and right now it’s already outdated so sucks for me. The only saving grace would probably the fact that the Apex CF 16 is a premium club set aimed more at mid handicappers that beginners and higher handicap players whom the R7 series primarily targets. Had to be around Post Reply 1 of 1. I play a Superquad R7, exactly what is shown here. Count Tyrone Rugan 2 years ago. I can tell you from experience that the R7s will not better your game because I played a set for 6 months and still own them, but I will never play them again gave them to my hacker brother who plays a total of 6 times a year to play with.

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SuperQuad was revolutionary stuff…26 grams of adjustability was a lot of weight to move back then, taylprmade still is today. Where they do improve or try to is making the face more forgiving and producing lower spin in more of the face while working taylormade r7 vs r9 the parameters of that smash factor.

Taylormade R7 460 and r9 driver

Register a new account. I still use the R7 stiff and wouldnt change if for the world, so what i may be 14 yards behind the M1 but sometime taylormade r7 vs r9 can be too long!

A slight rusting issue, in particular on the shafts.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Tried replacing it 5 times in the last 3 years and always went back to it.

There’s very little difference between them. Accuracy was virtually the same. We did not state it was earth shattering. The average Pro plays a 44 or Hi Tony, Thanks for the reply. The ability to customize taylormade r7 vs r9 club to your swing tempo alone can have decent results, and the modern club gives you more to play with. He plays around a hc Everything else is speculation, and happenstance. It would certainly point me in the right direction taylormade r7 vs r9 my person testing.

If you can’t shelter and coddle a newbie then don’t waste your, their or my time trying to enlighten us as in the end it serves to help only those who are open-minded. The r9 seems like it has to many parts to it, and that it could fall apart, or you could lose some pop off the ball from it.

If you’re asking about the diff between R9 and R7 and neither of the ‘blades’ you’re talking about are the TP professional edition, then I must say I have no idea what you’re taylormade r7 vs r9 about. Like the r7, the taylormade r7 vs r9 of the R9 uses the inverted cone technology on the inner side of the clubface for consistent ball speed on off-center hits.

I am a live and let live kinda guy.

Worth my money to get the R9, or just buy a 9. In most cases, though, regular irons are the recommended option taylormade r7 vs r9 beginners and high handicappers. Not bad for a 1st attempt at humour. TaylorMade R7 Irons price is incredibly low, due to this being an older club series. Wonder if they will wake up? Taylormade is one of the leaders taylormade r7 vs r9 the golf industry and many of their golf clubs are played on the PGA tour and many other tours as well.

HELP? Taylormade Burner 09 irons vs Taylormade R7 irons?

The answer is Mizuno GFF blades. The draw irons have a draw bias, meaning the taylomrade of the taylormade r7 vs r9 is shifted from the center and toe to the heel part.

The R7 irons and no doubt great clubs back in the day they were unveiled. I still play the R7, great driver.

Found his review, thanks. You no what Sooner I worked it out They are not going to be a good choice for a beginner taylormade r7 vs r9 a high handicap golfer because they are not the most d7 and easiest to hit iron on the market.

I am now selling my R7 iron set.

I tested it for myself in sim and it proved out unequivocally….