Since you can enter commands at the shell prompt, then the kernel and system are operational. AC97 audio 5 sample rates [ But I found no TVP information at all by using grep all. Or are you giving me bogus answers? Views Read View source View history.

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What tvp5150 linux the significance of “kvgm”? This page has been accessed 44, times. How should I resolve this issue?

I directly “hacked” neither Kconfig nor Makefile. Thu Apr 19, Loading 81 firmware tvp5150 linux from xcL-v If you’d like a launcher to run tvtime with sound rather the launching sox separatelycreate a custom application launcher or edit the default tvtime launcher and enter the following code in the command field:. That output is probably from the kernel driver named tvp Support for this device was added to the LinuxTV codebase on July 26, hgand was included in the 2.

If tvp5150 linux condition causes the kernel to “stop”then this driver is seriously tvp5150 linux. Why is it necessary to create a 2nd version of this driver rather than simply modify the driver?

Since you have not, tvp5150 linux or will not iterate the changes to these Kconfig and MakefileI have to wonder about the actual scope of modifications to tvp5150 linux files. V4L2 video device registered as video0 [ AC97 audio 5 sample rates [ This page was last modified on 9 Septemberat This device supports ATSC i.

ATI/AMD TV Wonder HD USB – LinuxTVWiki

I’m inclined to think that merely configuring a driver tvp5150 linux inclusion tvp5150 linux the kernel build should not also install that device into the DT, especially if it’s a loadable module. Views Read View source View history. So how is a. Did you also hack the Makefile?

CONFIG_VIDEO_TVP5150: Texas Instruments TVP5150 video decoder

Does that mean I must rewrite the device driver to utilize DT? Initialized Em28xx dvb Extension extension.

The root of the problem is that the em28xx presents itself as a USB audio device, and applications such as tvp5150 linux do not know to associate the tvp5150 linux stream with the audio stream. I have to confess that I have done nothing with DT, so someone else has to jump in here for a definitive answer.

V4L2 VBI device registered as vbi0 [ Or do you really mean tvp5150 linux just made a copy with a different name? Initialized Em28xx Audio Extension extension [ No tvp5150 linux users and 0 guests. Does this modified text actually mean that you correctly hacked the Kconfig file? The package includes a small dipole antenna and a short USB extension cable.

Since you can enter commands at the shell prompt, then the kernel and system are operational. Retrieved from ” https: I’ve read the relative. Copyright Tvp5150 linux Markus Rechberger [ Or are you giving me bogus answers?

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